We Buy Guitars & Amplifiers


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Tell us what you want to sell using the form below which includes the option to upload photos of the instrument.

Have Questions?

What types of vintage instruments do you buy?

  • Electric guitars
  • Acoustic guitars
  • Resonator guitars & Hawaiian guitars
  • Guitar amplifiers
  • Guitar effects
  • Mandolins & Banjos
  • Ukuleles

What brands do you buy?

  • Fender guitars & amplifiers
  • Gibson guitars, amplifiers. mandolins & ukuleles
  • Martin guitars & ukuleles
  • National resonator guitars, Hawaiian guitars & ukuleles
  • Washburn guitars & ukuleles
  • Weissenborn guitars & ukuleles
  • Gretsch guitars
  • Marshall amplifiers
  • Supro amplifiers & guitars